On Closing My Bank Account At Wells Fargo

Teller tried to charge for a money order for complete withdrawal of my funds. She was just following orders. Manager intervened with the bureaucratic fine print. I said: Yeah, ah ha, no. I protested to the other customers. He saw it my way. Then I had to meet a personal banker, who noted that I still had 15 CENTS in one of my accounts — somehow. She agreed it was a corporate scam, an intentional computer “error,” for which I would have been charged indefinitely for “insufficient funds.” I saw another teller for a dime and a nickel, then back to the personal banker for a print-out of our divorce. Personal banker whispered: if the 99% want to disrupt business as usual, they should hit the banks at the start of each month when it’s superbusy, not at the end when it’s empty. She’s the 99%, too.