I live in extremely rural Texas–I’m the Writer in Residence at Texas A&M in College Station–and getting out of town even to Occupy Austin is a large problem.  Right now, all I can contribute is encouragement and praise to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.  What news of the Occupy movement and events around the country, and now the world, makes it this far into the Great Flat Place makes me think that they are our conscience, and I cannot admire them enough.  Let us hope that this ‘movement,’ this state of mind, this way of conducting oneself with dignity and poise endures, and develops into something really fine.  It involves the kind of persistent patience leavened with humor that produces no body count and effects the way political business is conducted.  I am particularly impressed that The Suits and Talking Heads are baffled, and a little irked, by the lack of a ‘program’ or ‘demands’ or high-profile ‘spokesmen.’  ”What do these people want?”  If you have to ask, ladies and gentlemen, then you’re not paying attention.