Found Poem, 10/17


The police ask to speak

to the leader. We told them

that there was no leader.

They didn’t understand. #Occupy

WallStreet #TakeWallStreet

Zuccotti Park; Liberty Plaza. There are

463 sleepers. There are no sleepers.

32 NYPD vehicles marked, unmarked, crowds

of cops walking by, CIA now attempting

to jam this livestream, Democracy not

Corporatization. Cop presence

getting heavy. Retweet

this. Boston. Chicago.

Portland. The bull’s balls.


The revolution will not be

The revolution will be

tweeted. Your presence could be

decisive. We have a Facebook. We have

a list of demands. #USwillsuffer

No real American TV  La cuna

del capitalismo. Some insight into

the group mentality; there are people

settling down with sleeping bags


#TakeWallStreet      @NYTimes

because there are no superheroes,

teddy bear on police car, Canadians

@CBSNews you are all complicit, @NBCNews

complicit. Radio scanner feed #Take

WallStreet    A grave assault on democracy


Attaboy tech! 30000 people. 200

sleepers     Dream a world post–

#DayofRage    something is wrong

Retweet this   blackout: CNN.

Blackout: MSNBC. Police

are gathering at Liberty

and Broadway    stronghold

of humanity   reminds her

of the 60s. Danger, Will Robertson.

Danger. Retweet this. The police

ask to speak to a leader. Stand up


Police line arrives. 50000

people, zero media. Respect

to @LupeFiasco. Respect to

@NYC. It’s okay to scream. #Occupy

WallStreet    Blast money in politics.

#NYPD has turned off power

to plaza. A politician

is a salesman. Global markets

panic. Retweet this.